Pengertian dan Contoh Past Perfect Continuous

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Past perfect continuous tense adalah tense yang  digunakan untuk menyatakan perbuatan atau peristiwa yang dimulai, berlanjut sampai titik waktu tertentu di masa lalu. Umumnya, past perfect continuous hanya bisa terjadi pada perbuatan atau peristiwa yang mengunakan kata kerja dinamis atau dynamic verbs, karena past perfect continuous tense dibentuk oleh modalhad“, “been” dan “present participle.

Rumus :

S + had + been + present participle + (object) + (adverb)


Contoh :

  1. I had been waiting for Chris for nearly one hour when she finally waved and called my name.
  2. She had been studying all week. She barely slept.
  3. How long had you been building the house?
  4. Dad and Brad were mad since they had been waiting for 2 hours in the car.
  5. I hadn’t been studying German for as long as I can remember.


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